Adult/Child Have-a-Ball 9-Pin League Starting on Saturday Mornings!

Starting September 30, Concord Bowl will begin hosting an adult/child 9-pin league! Here’s what you need to know:

  • The league goes 13 weeks and is $20 per team per week.
  • Teams consist of 2 people: one under 16 and the other 16 or older
  • Everyone will get a brand new 900 Global Boost bowling ball on the last week (and there will be food)!
  • You will bowl 3 games per week against another team. (Secretarial duties absorbed by Concord Bowl.)
    • League will start bowling at 10am (950am practice time)
  • League is handicapped (80% of the team difference)

If you’d like to join, or even if you just have further questions, fill out the form below:


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