Introducing the Schlafly Brewery League!!

Love bowling? Love beer?

Get on in here!!!

On Mondays, beginning May 6, 2019, you can have both the things you love in one place, and get a new bowling ball in the process! Introducing: the Schlafly Brewery League!

We’ve teamed up with the famous local brewers at Schlafly to bring you a truly unique experience. With this league, your beer is included with your bowling cost, BUT for the first time, we’re giving all teams the option to receive a bucket of Schlafly product instead of a draft pitcher (though you can still get the draft pitcher)! And if that’s not enough, each bowler will receive their very own Schlafly bowling ball upon completion of the league.

So, for just $16/week, you can have both free beer AND a free bowling ball. All you have to do is sign up!

For all the league info, click this link right here!

For questions, call 314-843-9200 or e-mail us at

For sign-up, click this link here!

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