Cage Summary

The All-American Batting Cages are now closed for summer 2020!

We offer 9 cages to accommodate all skill levels and the deepest outfield in town. Most cages are multi-functional, so be aware before beginning of which type of pitch you’re selecting.

*All batters must wear helmets at all times and consult the rules prior to use*

So, which one is right for you? (baseball speeds ranked 1-9, with one as slowest and 9 as fastest)

  • Cage nine (far right):
    • Baseball 2 (slowest)
    • High-arc softball
  • Cage eight:
    • Baseball 3
    • High-arc slow softball
  • Cage seven:
    • Baseball 4
    • High-arc softball
  • Cage six:
    • Baseball 8 (fast)
  • Cage five:
    • Baseball 9 (fastest)
  • Cage four:
    • Baseball 1 (slowest)
  • Cage three:
    • Baseball 7 (medium-fast)
    • High-arc softball
  • Cage two:
    • Baseball 6 (medium)
    • Fast-pitch softball (fastest softball)
  • Cage one (far left):
    • Baseball 5 (medium-slow)
    • High-arc softball

6 thoughts on “Cage Summary”

  1. Is there a baseball cage that pitches approximately 35 mph? I’m looking for cage options for a first grade boys team. The pitching machines they use in their games are set at 35 mph.

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