Groupons Available


Answers to FAQ’s regarding our Groupons (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY PRIOR TO PURCHASE):

  • No lane reservations can be made. Groupons are open play specials, and are subject to lane availability.
  • Groupons can NOT be used as birthday parties. There is even a disclaimer on the Groupon itself. No outside food or drink of ANY kind may be brought in the bowling center if a Groupon is being used. This includes but is not limited to cakes/cupcakes. Groups that insist on bringing in cake for use in conjunction with a Groupon may only do so with a $25 fee paid upon arrival to the bowling center.
  • When they expire, here’s what happens: You still have a credit for the purchase price of the Groupon, but that is all. It should say on the face of the Groupon what the purchase price is. Any expired Groupons, including ones that include food, can ONLY be used towards bowling. Expired Groupons can NOT be used towards merchandise or labor in the Pro Shop, nor can any of the expired Groupon credit be used towards food or drink of any kind at the bar or snack bar (lounge/cafe). Again, the credit is good towards bowling only.
    • Furthermore, regarding expired Groupons, only ones that originally included miniature golf and/or batting cages will be allowed to be used towards miniature golf or batting cages after expiration. (In other words, the expired value of the 5- or 10-person Groupons including 2 hours of bowling, shoes & a pizza can NOT be used towards miniature golf or batting cages.)
  • Under no circumstances will we extend the Groupon’s promotional value beyond the expiration date printed on the Groupon.
  • Groupons must be redeemed and redeemed by a Concord Bowl staff member on the day of its use. Any pre-redeemed Groupon is considered used. Proof of purchase of a Groupon does not count as the Groupon itself. Something must be redeemed the day of.
  • We make no exceptions for any of these rules.

If you cannot adhere to these terms, please do not purchase the Groupon.