Thursday Doubles 2-Ball Challenge

League Play begins Thursday, May 3 @ 7pm

Take me to the sign-up page!!

14 Weeks long + Saturday playoff/banquet (every team cashes)

Receive the X2 & the Honey Badger, both by 900 Global. (Must only use these 2 balls for league play, and then they’re yours to keep upon completion of the league.)

Ball Draft is April 15, 2018 @ 6pm

2-person teams; $25/person per week (+$100 deposit payable at or before the ball draft in order to reserve your spot/balls)

Format: Bowl 2 games against 2 different teams per night. 10-point system (2 pts/gm. & 1 pt for overall match total)

2 Divisions (highest 16 team averages in Red Division; lower 16 team averages in Blue Division)



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