6 thoughts on “Sunday Mixers

  1. What are the rules in our league regarding using a blind? Can it be 10 pins off any absent member or are there rules about it having to be person with most games, person with lowest or highest average?

  2. I was curious as to how the ties are broken. Team 6 was in first last week and now are down to 2nd even though they still have more scratch pins that team 10. Thank you.

    • just about every league involving handicap boils its tiebreakers down to handicap. I believe in this case, it’s the same. Though it’s not listed on the actual standings sheet, I believe total team handicap pins is the tiebreaker. (And yes, I’ve tried to find a standings format that includes handicap pins for this exact reason, but there is not one… at least not with the software version we have.)

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