K.I.A. Enrollment

Registration for 2019 is now available!

The activity fee rate structure has changed. For each child attending for only 1 week, the activity fee is $25/child. For each child attending camp for only 2 weeks, the activity fee is $40/child. Kids attending camp for 3+ weeks will be charged the full $125. (For this, there is no 10% discount)

Sign up for it below, or stop in today!

5 Comments on “K.I.A. Enrollment

  1. Hey Heather – Sorry for the later response, and I’ll copy this message to your e-mail. But no, we can reduce the amount of the activity fee if you’re only signing up for a few weeks out of the summer. The owners and I figured that $50 would be fair, and we will tell the head counselor as well so he knows if and when you decide to come 🙂 Hope this helps. If there’s anything else we can do for you, please do not hesitate to reply or call! Thanks, Heather!

  2. I have 2 boys and I only need help on Wednesday and Thursday’s and it will only be maybe 3-4 weeks through the summer. Can you please email me what the cost would be? What the activity fee would be??and then what would the weekly fee be for 2 days a week.
    Thank you

  3. Is there a schedule for which field trips will fall each week this summer? We are considering signing up for 2 weeks but have a few different weeks to pick from. Also, how much would is the activity fee for only 2 weeks?

    • Shelly,

      Depending on the weeks you choose the activity fee for two weeks will range from $20 to $30. They will be going on a couple more field trips this summer. Next week myself and head Camp Counselor Kate will discuss the target dates for our field trips once I know them I will be happy to email you the dates. Thanks so much,

      Dan Beaman

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