For a list of bowling SPECIALS, click this link!

Open Play Rates (as of 10/18/2016):  *rates may fluctuate based on holidays/other events*please call if unsure about rates.*

Monday thru Friday before 3pm (excluding school/bank holidays):

  • Regular Rate: $2/game per person

Monday thru Friday from 3-5pm (excluding school/bank holidays):

  • $1 games for everyone!
  • $3 shoe rental.

Monday thru Thursday after 5 pm:

  • Regular Rate: $3/game per person
  • $3 shoe rental

Friday and Saturday:

  • Regular Rate: $3.50/game per person
  • $3 shoe rental

Sunday 5:00 pm to Close: Call for availability!

  • Quartermania: $6 admission per person then 25 cents each for games, shoe rental, small hot dogs and small sodas.
  • If not participating in Quartermania, regular rate of $3.50/game per person applies.
    • $3 shoes not included (separate).


League Bowler Rate (based upon availability):

  • Any time or day: $2/game per person


4 Comments on “Rates

  1. Your rates say 3.50 per person per game…..so each person bowling pays 3.50 per game? Not just a one time fee for the game? So if 4 people bowled that game, we would be charged 14.00 per game? Is that correct?

  2. I am trying to plan my son’s 16th bday. He wants to going bowling. I am trying to see how much a party would be. And if I can bring his cake in. And if you have a military discount? I would need this for May 19 2018

    • Hi Kristin,

      I responded to your email so hopefully I helped you out there. If you have any questions or would like to talk just call us at 314-843-9200

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