Kids Birthday Parties

Yes! Book my child’s birthday party now!

**The birthday parties have been adjusted. Please review them prior to booking.**

As of Jan. 1, 2018, all children’s birthday parties are subject to regular sales tax.

Concord Lanes would love to host your child’s next birthday! So why not let us take care of everything while you enjoy the fun?

As long as we have lanes available, you can book your child’s party whenever you’d like! Feel free to call us at 314-843-9200 or e-mail us at to see about availability!

All parties are good for 2 hours! Receive 1 lane per each 5 children in the party! Parties can set up no more than one half-hour in advance when space is available to do so.

Package 1: ($6.95/child, minimum 8 kids)* BEST VALUE!!
  • 1 game of bowling, including shoes
  • 1 pitcher of soda per each 5 children
  • Free game bowling coupon per child for a future visit
Package 2: ($8.95/child, minimum 8 kids)*
  • One game of bowling, including shoes
  • Party gets their choice between a soft pretzel or hot dog for each child
  • 1 pitcher of soda per each 5 children
  • Free game bowling coupon per child for a future visit
Package 3: ($11.95/child, minimum 8 kids)*
  • Unlimited bowling for the entire 2 hours, including shoes
  • One 14″ 1-topping pizza per each 5 kids in the party (ex: a party of 20 would get 4 pizzas)
  • 1 pitcher of soda per each 5 children
  • Free bowling coupon per child for a future visit
Package 4: ($14.95/child, minimum 8 kids)*
  • One game of regular bowling, shoes included.
  • One game of Monster Factory bowling with a printable character for each child to take home.
  • One 14″ 1-topping pizza AND a large basket of french fries per each 5 kids in the party.
  • 1 pitcher of soda per each 5 children
  • Free bowling coupon per each child for a future visit.


*For all parties, we do require a $25 non-refundable deposit to be made at the time of the booking, otherwise the party is not considered confirmed.

*Feel free to bring your own cake and ice cream. Should you need to, we can store them in our fridge. No other outside food or drink permitted.

* Additional bowling games for Packages 1, 2 & 4 can be purchased for $2/game per person, including any adults that wish to bowl with the party. Adult shoes with a kids’ birthday party are $2 per pair.

*Private banquet room rentals are available for your party for an additional $25/hour.

*Packages can not be used in conjunction with Groupon or any other special offers.

*1 lane per each 5 children allotted.

*Set up no earlier than one half-hour prior to your scheduled party time.

*Earliest time a package can be booked is 11:30 am any day of the week.

*****If you have any questions about anything related to kids birthday parties, please contact someone from Concord Bowl prior to booking.




15 Comments on “Kids Birthday Parties

    • Of course! We’ll actually do parties on any day of the week and at any time, given we have the space and time available. All you have to do is book!

  1. Is it possible to bring a small group for a birthday and use a groupon?? Could we bring in a birthday cake as well?

    • Folks can use Groupons any time we have open play, however, the fine print on them states that they are not to be used as birthday parties. As such, no outside food or drink is allowed, including cake. With that said, groups may pay an additional $25 fee to the bowling center upon arrival to bring in a cake (but cake only). The choice is up to the group.

      • Super!! We will plan on that then, I do not mind paying an additional fee to bring the cake. Thanks so much for your quick response.

  2. Do Adults count in the head count at kid parties? And can the adults bowl at the kids parties? We will be happy to pay the Per Person fee for them.

    • Adults count only if you need them to (for example, if you need bodies to hit the minimum 8 for a party). If you have more than 8 kids for the party, adults are $2 per person, per game and $2 for shoes, though it’s up to each party whether or not they’ll pay for themselves or be included in the price for the party itself.

  3. Do you have any party packages for mini golf? Specifically for March 30 of this year. Thanks!!

    • We can change any of our bowling partys to mini golf. March 30th I don’t have anything that afternoon I have a company renting the entire place out that afternoon. Is there another day that we could work something out we would be happy to have you.

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