Why Choose KIA Camp?


We understand that there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to Summer Camp for your children. But with so many options, why choose KIA Camp?

  • Convenience: Located just a stone’s throw from Highway 270 at Tesson Ferry, the camp is all week Monday thru Friday.
  • Time: Drop off starting at 6:30am and pick up as late as 5:00pm. That’s 10.50  hours per day.
  • Value: Our hours are 6:30am to 5:00 pm, fully staffed Summer Camp  for your children. $175 per week full-time and $150 for part-time.
  • Variety: We guarantee your child will never say “this camp is boring.” With both on-site and off-site activities, sports, crafts, music, and more, the campers have so much to do!
  • And More: We take regular trips to off-site locations ( Roller cade, Ronnie’s Marcus Movie Theatre, St. Louis Zoo, Science Center, Ted Drewes, Magic House,  Suson Park and more!)  Karate, pet rescues  all of this and more included in your $150 activity fee! ( Per St Louis County Health Dept. rules and permission, we will keep up on all new and changed guidelines)