Ball & Shoe Selection

All prices are listed in caption of the picture and include drilling. Prices shown do not reflect grips and slugs.

For any inquiries of these or other balls, or any equipment in general, pictured or not, please call Dale @ 314-843-9200.



Boost (red) by 900 Global [$129.95]


Boost by 900 Global (orange/yellow: $109.95)



Breakdown by 900 Global ($159.95)



all night

All Night by 900 Global ($155.95)



Strike King (blue/red) by Brunswick [$129.05]


(left) Hysteria by RotoGrip [$189.95]               (right) Respect by 900 Global [$209.95]


(left) Pure Adrenaline by AMF [$219.95]         (right) Black Ops by 900 Global [$169.95]

Don’t see what you want? Any other ball can be ordered at no extra cost!





Women’s Pink Shoe (3G – $49.95)*


Women’s Teal Shoe (3G – $49.95)**


Unisex White Shoe (3G – $49.95)***


Unisex Black Shoe (3G – $49.95)****

* – Available women’s size: 6-11

** – Available women’s size: 6-11

*** – Available sizes: 4 1/2 – 14

**** – Available sizes: 4 1/2 – 14










4 Comments on “Ball & Shoe Selection

  1. I am looking for a 16 lb storm sure lock. I am wondering if you have a used one or how much it would cost to get order a new one plus drilling including finger tip grips and thumb. Also curious how much you charge for plugging and re-drilling another ball.

    Thank you,

  2. Curious how much you charge to drill a new ball that I already have, if you do that there.

    • Dan,
      Drilling itself is usually around $20. Grips and slugs, if you need them, can vary. Give us a call at 314-843-9200 and ask for Don or Dale. They’ll be happy to get you more accurate info specific to you.

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