Rates did not increase for 2018!

  • Full-time Enrollment (4 or 5 days a week): $140/wk
  • Part-time Enrollment (3 days a week or less): $125/wk
  • Single-Day Enrollment (1 day a week): $75
  • $110 activity fee due at the time of enrollment
    • We will pro-rate activity fees, but limit them as follows:
      • $10 per week if attending camp in any capacity for 4 weeks or less
      • The full $110 will be due if attending camp 5 weeks or more.
        • There will not be refunds if told attending camp all summer but then only attend 4 weeks, for example.
  • Families can save 10% for each additional sibling
    • example: 2 kids attend camp full time during a week ($140 for 1st child/$126 for the second)
    • example: 2 kids attend camp part-time during a week ($125 for 1st child/$112.50 for the second)

2 Comments on “Rates

  1. My daughter is enrolled for camp. Can I pay the $110 the week of May 24th? Will the 1st week of camp be due then too?

    • The week’s payments are due on Fridays, so the end of the 1st week will work fine for that. If you’d like to pay the activity fee then, that will be fine. Any time before is fine as well. Just be clear what the amount is, get a detailed receipt, etc. 🙂

      Thank you!

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